Background Challenge:

One of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world with 150 offices in the United States enjoys a high-profile, demanding clientele for whom the company regularly holds on-premise meetings.

Prior to 2017, this high-profile commercial real estate company had engaged a nationally recognized equipment manufacturer to provide their office services; however, there was no hospitality component. Leadership identified this as a gap not aligned with their brand and, therefore sought a high-end concierge team to assist with their demanding clientele, one able to provide seamless, white glove service as an extension and reinforcement of their brand.

A Pilot Concierge Program at Flagship Location:

In 2017, the leadership team identified Forrest Solutions as the right provider with ‘hospitality DNA’ that could implement the white glove service their clientele demanded. Forrest Solutions was brought on to pilot 3 concierge roles in the flagship location where the CEO sits.

Forrest Solutions’ hospitality and concierge professionals were installed as the face of the company, ensuring clients’ optimal comfort and seamless experience of the organization and a high level of attention and detail including tailored coffee and water choices, room escorting versus pointing, walking guests with umbrellas in inclement weather, restaurant recommendations and reservations, room temperature adjustments upon request and more. In every situation, Forrest Solutions’ task was to go above and beyond to exemplify and reinforce the company brand.

The pilot was a resounding success. Forrest Solutions’ hospitality and concierge services were quickly expanded into a full-fledged hospitality program that included facilities and administrative work to all offices in all major cities.

Expanding Services to Print Production and Mailroom Services:

Digital print production was highly fragmented with users either printing inside their offices only, or going to a local vendor, such as Fedex Kinko’s or Staples.

The company’s model at the time didn’t service remote users or those in outlying offices. The incumbent’s staff turnover was also high and they felt they weren’t getting the turnaround times and product knowledge to align with their brand stands. It was also difficult for staff to capture spend as there was a minimal tracking system in place. Building on their success, Forrest Solutions was called upon for print production and mailroom services, achieving:

• Implemented an internal, national print platform enabling 30,000+ professionals to create, route and ship branded documents at the click of button – and saving the organization approximately $50,000 per quarter.

• Established brand standards. Forrest Solutions worked closely with marketing to establish templating marketing documents and training manuals to align with their standards. Implemented a large awareness campaign along with regularly scheduled training.

• Streamlined mailroom services. Forrest Solutions was able to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and add services. This included a virtual post office, the digitalization of mail, and electronic certified requests.

• In a one-year time span, Forrest Solutions saved the company $250,000 on FedEx shipping services alone by improving processes.

• Forrest Solutions recreated all COVID entry signage across the country, saving the organization approximately $200,000.

• Forrest Solutions was instrumental in designing and deploying PPE stations and management to all 150 of the company’s domestic offices and ensured each office was ready for re-opening.

Consistent, High-Level Talent + Results:

In the 4 years since 2017, Forrest Solutions grew from 3 concierge professionals in 1 office to 75 personnel across 25 offices, including all the large offices such as Chicago and New York City, as well as second tier cities such as Denver, Seattle, and Irvine.

These professionals provide concierge services, print production and mailroom services as well as: food ordering, set up and breakdown; training room set ups and room configurations; messenger services; receptionist services; facilities coordination; administrative work; and audio-visual services.

The Forrest Solutions team achieved a consistent 9.5 or greater customer satisfaction rating as opposed to its predecessor who consistently rated at 5 or less on a scale of ten. In addition to delivering white glove service, Forrest Solutions drove valuable efficiencies and cost savings throughout the organization.

Forrest Solutions is the Face of the Brand:

Today, Forrest Solutions is the go-to resource for this high profile commercial real estate company, the face of their brand, and trusted partner for special projects. Forrest Solutions’ proprietary recruitment process and ongoing training and development of its professionals ensure the deployment of the firm’s ‘hospitality DNA,’ the secret element to consistently delivering the white glove service they desired.

Forrest Solutions process identifies the best talent with hospitality backgrounds and providers continuous training and development through ongoing mentoring and our Cornerstone OnDemand learning tools which house thousands of courses for our professionals and guide them through a structured, continuous training.

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