Background Challenge:

In early 2023, this globally recognized company, with over 5,000 employees across 10 office locations in the United States, experienced lackluster account management engagement from their previous outsourcing provider — resulting in their contact center to have miscommunications, poor onsite training, limited managerial participation from the outsourcing provider, and an onsite strategy devoid of any analytics or data.

Leadership at this organization made the determination that their current outsourcing provider was ill equipped to raise the quality of their overall services provided to meet the needs of the company. In turn, leader at this globally recognized company specifically sought out an outsourcing provider that not only could manage the logistical requirements that the engagement requires, but do so while providing a level of care and attention to detail usually reserved for the luxury hospitality industry.

In comes Forrest Solutions.


Leadership specifically pursued Forrest Solutions due to their investment in developing an unmatched talent acquisition team and their unrivaled time-to-fill in the industry.

Forrest Solutions and their highly regarded proprietary 10 step recruiting process and sea of deeply tenured recruiters employ a multi-pronged approach to identify the best candidates for the job every time. Their national network of recruiters is able to identify thousands of potential candidates quicker than anyone else. While the national average time-to-fill currently is 47 days, Forrest Solutions’ time-to-fill is 17 days.

This organization required a specific caliber of candidates to fill multiple positions — most importantly their call center at their North Carolina office location. The undertaking in finding candidates not only consisted of identifying professionals who fit the basic requirements necessary, but also call center candidates who possess a deep understanding and technical know-how to deliver consistent results for this organization’s clientele. Forrest Solutions’ talent acquisition team not only successfully sourced, interviewed, and filled the positions, but did so quicker than leadership at this organization ever anticipated.

Once candidates were identified and hired, leadership at Forrest Solutions went to work implementing a robust training and development plan for all professionals at this engagement. Professionals were caught up-to-speed on all specific technical details needed to succeed in this position.

Leadership at Forrest Solutions specifically created a 10-point scorecard for all Call Center Associates that measures each call on a 10-point score system. To retain the highest possible quality standards, Call Center Associates are required to maintain scores above 90%. Associates with scores below that threshold are further trained and developed by Forrest Solutions’ onsite leadership.


Forrest Solutions’ approach is that the underpinning of any successful operation must depend on ensuring key measurables are embedded in it, if not, it cannot effectively be managed.

Once the implementation teams were successful at this organization, the next step was inserting best practice disciplines and processes that ensure continued success. Forrest Solutions utilizes performance dashboards for clients that track every single service level. This enables Forrest Solutions to create relationships that are completely transparent and to provide data-driven results each and every time.

In their first year since beginning the engagement, leadership at this globally recognized company has been blown away with Forrest Solutions’ leadership, professionals, attention to detail, and say-yes attitude. On Forrest Solutions’ net promoter dashboard, leadership at this organization has given Forrest Solutions a 9 out of 10.

As we move into 2024, Forrest Solutions and leadership at this organization plan to grow the engagement by increasing headcount at their North Carolina location and expand further into the company’s Columbus, Ohio location. While this engagement has so far been solely onsite outsourcing, leadership’s satisfaction with Forrest Solutions’ account management has resulted in the inquiry of Forrest Solutions utilizing their world-class staffing services to assist with this summer’s internship program at the North Carolina location.


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