Luxury Retailer’s Flagship Location- September 2021

In summer 2021, Forrest Solutions was selected to provide outsourced five-star, white glove hospitality for a luxury retailer’s flagship location, considered the new height of high-class retail in New York City. Forrest successfully staffed and delivered the ‘soft opening’ in September 2021 in advance of the Grand Opening in Q4 2021.

On the basis the client was looking for an unrivaled level of hospitality unique and specific to this uber luxury retail operation, Forrest Solutions was confident our outsourced solution was the right fit. Forrest Solutions has built a strong reputation in luxury retail. Consequently, the corporate team invited Forrest Solutions to submit a proposal as part of a competitive RFP process to support the reopening of their flagship location in New York City.

Once NDAs were signed and we received the renderings/floor plans, Forrest participated in key strategic meetings with the project team to fully understand the level of talent needed and the key attributes needed to successfully engage and interact with guests in their new premiere space.

Key to our success was truly understanding the requirements to create a team capable of delivering an unrivaled level of five-star service. Key themes include but are not limited to elegance, luxury, European sophistication, presentation, engaging communication, hospitality skills, subtlety, and celebrity discretion.

We specifically created the role of ‘Hospitality Conversationalist’ as the store entry host, where guests are served champagne, wine, beer or signature barista specialties to provide a new level of welcome.

Forrest Solutions selected a team of 10 ‘Hospitality Conversationalists’ to manage the luxury retailer’s soft launch. Our recruiting team worked through over 200 candidates, ultimately drawing from a range of luxury retail, restaurants and five-star hotel backgrounds. The team then pre-trained weeks in advance at several of the retailer’s locations learning the array of luxury products. The team immersed themselves in brand knowledge and play a critical role in elevating the guest experience as visitors make lifelong investments in these luxury products.

“Our heart and soul is in New York City,” says the company’s CEO and President. “This is our flagship, and it is the engine that drives the car. It is one of the most exciting accomplishments of my career without question. The entire store is a careful curation from start to finish.” Over the next two years, all 30 of their stores in the U.S. will be entirely rebranded.

Following the launch of the flagship location, Forrest Solutions supported a subsequent opening at another New York City location. Forrest Solutions continued operational success of both boutiques has enabled the luxury retailer to create protocols, best practices, and a strong playbook providing a road map for national execution and delivery for this new Hospitality partnership model.

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