Background Challenge: Collapsing 3 Locations to 1 + Expanding Events Spaces

In 2018, this leading financial service company had a complex set of variables for its facilities team:  three of their Manhattan office locations were being collapsed into a single location within a 12-14 month time period while simultaneously building a brand new, state-of-the-art event space and outdoor terrace.

The organization already had the first two floors of their Mid-Town NY location dedicated to events. Leadership was uncertain whether the volume and requirements for their new floor would be similar to the first and second floors, whether the space would be equally utilized, and ultimately felt challenged to maintain the first and second floor event spaces while servicing a new space both efficiently and to their superior standards of hospitality.

Forrest Solutions Creates Talent Pool for Flexible Workforce

Leadership reached out to several providers, including Forrest Solutions. Forrest Solutions’ capabilities in both on-site outsourcing and staffing enabled the firm to design a staffing model with unmatched flexibility, allowing them to ramp up and ramp down headcount based on volume requirements across reception, hosts, ambassador, security and facility’s needs.

This differentiated offering was a result of the proprietary Forrest Solutions’ recruitment engine that empowered Forrest Solutions to locate quality people, pre-train them, and create a ready pipeline of talent from which they could pull in a moment’s notice to staff event floors.  In these scenarios, the financial service company need only provide 24-to-48-hour notice of flexible staffing needs and Forrest Solutions provides their pre-trained variable labor support across all event spaces, ready to deliver their first-class brand.

This was an incredible challenge leadership trusted Forrest Solutions to lead, manage and solve, enabling the organization to focus on the high-level migration to the new space.

Five-Fold Growth and Delivering their Brand for Client-Critical Events

Upon the engagement, Forrest Solutions supported the financial service company through the wind down of its two real estate locations by providing facilities, office services and security at all three locations up until and through the final relocation of their employees to the new, Mid-Town New York location.

Pointedly, leadership entrusts Forrest Solutions to manage its highest profile and client-critical events. Forrest Solutions’ meticulous diligence to these events ensures their clients enjoy a once in a lifetime experience and one of the greatest moments of their professional lives fully, memorably, and with 5-star attention to detail. This is vital to the company’s leadership.

With these successes in reception and greeting roles, leadership evolved their operation to handover more services to Forrest Solutions: facilities, then security, then office services. Today, because of the exceptional talent provided by Forrest Solutions, there are now over twenty people full-time at the new, Mid-Town office.

Forrest Solutions is the Face of the Brand

Forrest Solutions is the face of the brand for this leading financial service company. Any person—client, guest, or staff– that arrives at the flagship location, interacts with a Forrest Solutions person; from the security desk, to reception, to all event spaces. As they have changed operations, successfully merged all their locations to one, and built three more floors, Forrest Solutions has supported their needs with consistent talent, a flexible workforce and the Forrest Solutions’ trademark hospitality DNA.

Client Takeaways

“Forrest Solutions invests the time to understand the issues and needs of their clients to tailor a scalable and value-driven solution. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a partner.” – Senior Vice President of Leading Financial Services Company