Why Organizations are Pairing the Flight to Quality and Workplace Experience

Many organizations have begun the “flight to quality” by upgrading their space. This new strategy exemplifies the changing meaning of the office. However, as the office gets upgraded, organizations can’t forget to upgrade their services. In this session, learn how the flight to quality is being met with service upgrades previously reserved for flagship hoteliers and how organizations, large and small, can achieve this using workplace experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand both the market drivers and return on investment when implementing workplace experience.
  • See how 5-star hospitality services transform the office and fulfill a true “flight to quality”.
  • Learn how workplace experience hospitality services are cultivated and implemented for optimal efficiencies.
  • Understand how organizations of any size can upgrade their services cost-effectively.
  • Learn how to leverage workplace experience to elevate your brand new office space.


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