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Intelligent Office Technology

FS Intelligent Office

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of onsite outsourced services. It is critical to select the best equipment and technology to manage workflows, capture volumes, optimize utilization, track chain of custody and create detailed reporting.

Because of our best of breed approach, FS Intelligent Office outpaces competitors’ home grown solutions.

Our approach achieves the highest security standards in our industry.


FS Intelligent Office is the industry’s most secure, comprehensive suite of technology offerings, expertly orchestrated and fully integrated with a real-time, centralized reporting dashboard.

Our services include:
  • Mail and Logistics
  • Digital Mail
  • Resource Management
  • Job Submission
  • Workplace Management
Key Service

Mail and Logistics

FS Mail and Logistics technology gives users easy access to shipping, receiving, and fulfillment services directly from the desktop, whether in office or remote, and integrates with your network security, finance CRM and HRIS systems for maximum efficiency.

Key Service

Digital Mail

FS Digital Mail sets the industry standard for the governance, privacy and security of client information in the digital delivery of inbound mail, including law firm grade encryption and seamless DMS integrations including iManage and NetDocuments.

Key Service

Resource Management

FS Resource Management technology helps you plan staff schedules and optimize resources by giving your organization the tools and data to target key productivity enhancements that create value for your business, your people and your clients.         

Key Service

Job Submissions

FS Job Submission technology connects people, functions and systems across organizations to streamline job submissions, queue management and status updates into a secure end-to-end of workflow built to scale.

Key Service

Workplace Management

FS Workplace Management technology is a market-leading intelligent space and occupancy management solution that optimizes people and space for hybrid operations, hoteling and hot-desking, facilities requests and unprecedented analytics for space planning.

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