Over the years, we’ve seen a business evolution from very structured corporate environments with employees who were lifers to a gig economy where people reinvent their careers multiple times. Additionally, many companies are going to agile environments, expanding or contracting their workforce to meet the demands of business. As these changes have occurred, we’ve continually evolved to meet the challenges of the marketplace and the needs of our clients and employees alike.

For over 40 years, our team of trusted advisors have provided our clients with the marketplace intelligence, service excellence, and strategic solutions that drive the productivity gains that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Our new brand represents our latest evolution to ensure we meet your needs while still staying true to our unique personal, passionate, and productive approach. We understand that companies have different requirements when it comes to creating solutions that can grow with their business. As a full service company specializing in people, technology and business process we are uniquely positioned to deliver integrated solutions that move your business forward. Our ability to be the one resource for all of your needs has propelled us to move from our double branding of FSO/FSS to a single, all-encompassing brand of Forrest Solutions.

What does this mean for you? It means, if you need onsite outsourcing, direct hire, temp, temp-to-hire, or consulting services we are the ones to call. The new logo at the top of page represents our brand promise to be your single resource across all of the different services. And our new website, www.forrestsolutions.com, showcases the services we can tailor to create a custom solution as well as our people first approach that fuels our employee engagement.

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Steve Forrest