Forrest Solutions Welcomes Andrew Bikowski, Senior Vice President of Legal Services

New York, New York – August 01, 2023 – Forrest Solutions, the nation’s premiere onsite outsourcing and staffing solutions provider, today welcomes Andrew Bikowski as Vice President of Legal Services for Forrest Solutions.  Andrew brings over a decade of experience leading high growth, high volume managed review and cyber incident response (CIR) teams for global providers.  As Forrest Solutions continues to experience growing demand for its managed review and CIR services across financial, corporate and law firm clients, Andrew’s leadership will be pivotal in setting Forrest Solutions’ standard of excellence in delivery of service, expertise and cost-responsibility.


Document review and cyber incident response are mission critical.  As litigation costs soar, document review is where legal department and law firm budgets can spiral out of control in the absence of proper expertise, oversight and technology.  At the same time, cyber-attacks are increasing exponentially year over year, exceeding 125% from 2020 through 2023 and exceeding 358% for malware attacks for segments of that time, costing businesses an average of $4.35 million each.[1]


Forrest Solutions’ experts not only bring deep domain expertise across all document review platforms, AI and predictive coding applications, but as a technology-agnostic provider with an unmatched recruiting engine, our teams are able to leverage the most cost-effective combinations of talent and technology model for each unique situation, and able to quickly scale up or down to optimize time and cost-efficiencies.


Similarly, our highly trained, cyber incident response teams are instantly ready to deploy, leveraging cutting edge technologies to review, capture and report personal protected data as accurately and efficiently possible. Our team has personally handled cyber incident response work ranging from just a few PSTs to entire servers/databases that have been compromised by a bad actor.


Anthony Davies, Chief Revenue Officer for Forrest Solutions, says: “I am delighted Andrew chose to bring his wealth of experience and talent to Forrest Solutions and our clients. He has an incredible reputation and we’re excited for his leadership as demand continues to accelerate for Forrest Solutions’ expertise across legal services.”


Andrew comments: “I joined Forrest Solutions because of their impressive track record and unwavering focus on providing their clients with the highest level of service and desire to always elevate their client experience.  My passion lies squarely with achieving success for my clients, and I am thrilled that passion is aligned with the business objective of Forrest Solutions overall.  I am thrilled to hit the ground running and truly look forward to driving those values for success with each of our clients.”


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[1] AAG July 2023 Cyber Crime Stats