A Note from Our Founder about COVID-19

To All Our Clients and Partners

Over the past four decades, our business has thrived through multiple challenges, including 9/11 and the financial crisis of the late 2000s. But, we have never seen anything like what’s happening now. Who could have imagined when we were ringing in the new year that we’d soon be facing a pandemic? We didn’t know then that COVID-19 would be threatening the health of our businesses and our loved ones. Yet, that is precisely what we are facing today.

With COVID-19 affecting people and communities around the world, this is a difficult time for us all. Our hearts go out to all those who have been impacted. At a time when “business as usual” is not an option, we are 100% focused on helping you and your team stay healthy and adapt. We’re facing a new normal, which means we have to stay diligent. Our team is monitoring the situation closely. We’re looking to data from primary sources, including the CDC and state and local governments.

Throughout our 45 years of business, our mission has remained unchanged.  As The People Company, we are here to aid our current and future partners by providing the support and resources they need to succeed. As the crisis slows and you begin to plan your next steps, Forrest Solutions is here to assist. Our unsurpassed level of industry experience means we can get your business back on its feet quickly, safely and effectively. Our onsite outsourcing professionals, staffing executives, strategists, and recruiters have been working around the clock to ensure you can be prepared for a post COVID-19 world.

Forrest Solutions is here for you during these unprecedented times, and our team is available for any questions or concerns you have. Feel free to email us.

Thank You – Stay Safe.

To all our current and future partners, staff and vendors – thank you! Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on moving forward. We’ll be with you the whole way.