More Law Firms Are Moving to Hybrid Offices, but They Must Boost Appeal of Sharing by Dan Packel

Many firms are pivoting towards a hybrid workplace.  One thing this means is gaining attorney buy-in on hoteling and communal space, often by increasing on-site amenities. Hoteling, however, carries a lot of ‘baggage’.   Can law firms turn the concept of hoteling into a positive benefit for attorneys? The answer is yes – if it is done correctly.  That was the subject of this recent article in The American Lawyer featuring Forrest Solutions’ Chief Revenue Officer, Anthony Davies.  Anthony argues in the article that,

The way professional service firms have adopted hoteling has made hoteling take a positive connotation.  You look forward to going to the office because you’re going to have a hotel-type experience. The key is to use it differently, like visiting a hotel.”  

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The interview with The American Lawyer was based upon our Law Firm Return to Office Readiness Survey where we learned the prevailing concern for most firms in returning to the office was managing their workspaces and meeting rooms for a hybrid workforce, not mandating vaccinations or other concerns.  If you would like to read more about the Survey results, you can request a brief here.