With 47 years of experience in the people business, our formula for success has been completely different than most. While our competitors have moved their outsourcing services overseas or slashed and burned internal recruitment teams, we have invested in developing a talent acquisition team unlike any others. The difference between Forrest Solutions and all other competitors boils down to three key innovations:

  • A 10-step recruitment process that understands talent acquisition and identifying people with the right DNA.
  • Our recruitment engine comprised of 40 plus recruiters.
  • An emphasis on talent retention

Our Strategic Success:

Our success wasn’t an accident. It’s been built on years of development of an operational excellence strategy that we call our 10-step recruitment process. A key part to the success of our 10-step recruitment process has been the emphasis our team of recruiters has placed on behavioral interviewing. We understand that the core element of successful outsourcing and staffing is hiring individuals who possess the same commitment, passion, and belief in the organization as their counterparts working in corporate offices.

Regardless of whether employees are based in New York or work on-site at client locations in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, or anywhere throughout the country, they are carefully selected for their alignment with the organization’s values and culture. This has been vital in identifying and delivering top talent every time.

A Superior Recruitment Engine:

A successful recruitment strategy would be ineffective without the industry’s greatest recruitment engine powering it. With a highly specialized team of over 40 recruiters, our success in filling positions sets us apart. We have an army of recruiters that employ a multi-pronged approach to identify the best candidates for the job every time.

Our recruitment engine operates under the mindset of “failure is not an option.” We have heard time and again from prospects that different parts of their operations needed to be shut down due to incumbent vendors not having enough people to sufficiently run the facility. This is what clearly separates us from any competitor.

Our national network of recruiters is able to identify thousands of potential candidates quicker than anyone else. This has led to our unmatched time-to-fill. The national average for time to fill currently sits at 47 days. From the moment we get the request to hire to the moment a candidate has accepted an offer is only 17 days. This is no better illustrated than in our recent case study: Forrest Solutions Delivers Custom Strategic Staffing Solutions for Leading Credit and Payments Company Enabling Exponential Growth. For one client, our team was able to complete 50 interviews per week and identify 250 potential candidates — all leading to an 83.65% acceptance rate.


Talent Retention Remains Mission Critical:

We have built our team at Forrest Solutions with one thought in mind: it’s not good enough to just hire the greatest people — you have to be able to retain them as well. If an organization wants to keep their company vital and vibrant, then an emphasis on talent retention has to be an everyday mindset.

Over the last three years, we have made it our mission to acquire and retain the industry’s greatest team by investing millions of dollars into training development. This is comprised of online training, on the job training, self-development — and most importantly — our proprietary WPX 1.0 and 2.0 training and development. 100% of Forrest Solutions’ professionals are required to graduate from WPX 1.0 and 2.0 programs and must receive 100% marks on WPX hospitality exams in order to become Forrest Solutions WPX™ Certified.

This training and develop is paired with the fact that from day one, all Forrest Solutions’ employees are engaged with, and receive feedback on a regular 30 day basis throughout their career. Our emphasis on talent retention has led to 19 individuals developed and promoted to upper management and a 12% reduction in turnover at Forrest Solutions in 2023 alone.


The success of Forrest Solutions lies in our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and our deep knowledge of one thing: people. This is a people powered industry and we are a people powered company. Throughout our 47 years, our main differentiator has always been our passion for people. While we have an incredible team of recruiters, innovative recruitment strategies, and the knowledge to adapt in changing markets, our success truly boils down to our top to bottom love for what we do.


About Kate Post:

Kate Post is the Chief Talent Officer and Partner of Forrest Solutions. As Chief Talent Officer, Kate ensures the successful fulfillment of Forrest Solutions’ outsourcing engagements with the best talent in the market and manages a national team of business partners who are responsible for that talent acquisition. Over the last 45 years, Kate has masterfully combined her passion of the industry along with her experience in direct hire to develop outsourcing and staffing solutions that not only exceed market standards, but have created a foundation to the industry’s best recruitment engine.

Kate provides Forrest Solutions’ clients with her unrivaled wealth of experience across a vast diversity of industries. As a result, Kate brings pivotal insights into the important cultural differences of various industries that help make Forrest Solutions’ talent culturally fit and, therefore, successful.