At Forrest Solutions we have some remarkable people on our team and one of those who inspires all around them is Daniel Torres.  In this Spotlight – Daniel is high-lighted as a guest speaker at the recent “The Father Factor: A Critical Link in Building Strong Families and Communities” jointly sponsored by the Good+ Foundation and the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC.

Through the Father Factor Event; the Good+ Foundation and the Aspen Institute seek to bring attention to the importance of fathers in society and how the absence of a father drastically reduces a child’s circumstances. Both foundations fund critical programs in poverty stricken neighborhoods aimed at providing people the training needed to find and keep a job—one such organization is STRIVE. STRIVE, a national nonprofit organization headquartered in East Harlem, helps people acquire the skills and attitudes they need to overcome challenging circumstances and find sustained employment.

Daniel graduated from STRIVE in 2014 and immediately started working for Forrest Solutions. He has been a stellar employee and has been promoted for his efforts. He is also a community leader and regular speaker at STRIVE events, where STRIVE seeks to help people from low-income communities elevate themselves to create a brighter future through work.

Daniel shares his story to help others visualize how they too can transform their lives, but also to bring awareness and educate policymakers in understanding the importance of programs like STRIVE. As Daniel relates:

“As a single father, I work everyday to provide a better life for my child.  STRIVE helped me get the skills and confidence I needed to find a job. I’m proud to be an ongoing part of helping them help others change their lives and educating policymakers.”

We’re very proud of Daniel and all that he has achieved. We salute his commitment to improve his community and be a role model for others!