ways to recruit hourly hires

Finding high quality candidates is always a hiring challenge. Recruiting for hourly work can be even tougher. The focus is often on professional hiring, but identifying the right hourly employees demands hard, hands-on work.

Businesses want to focus time, effort, and budget resources on driving revenue, innovating to develop product or service differentiators, and building relationships with customers and potential clients. Staffing needs draw representatives from various departments into the attention-consuming effort to recruit the right employee.

Identifying the best candidate

Finding the right fit for an hourly position is hard work. Managers, often already stretched meeting business objectives and developing their current reports, are forced to find time also to focus on hiring. After all, when recruiting new employees someone has to post the position, interview, screen, and hire people who can not only do the job well, but also fit with the particular company culture.

Without the right training, too, new hourly employees can prove unproductive, slow business processes, or even make costly mistakes. Effectively on-boarding new hires demands substantial time invested in training and management. Yet, if the hourly employee is dissatisfied, or doesn’t feel supported, he or she might simply disengage and move on quickly.

High turnover among hourly employees is more than a headache for the hiring managers. The loss of new employees not only restarts the recruit, hire, and train cycle, but it can also result in lower productivity and quality of service from the employees who remain.

What can be done?

The best approach to hourly recruiting is to find people who will be a great fit, bond with other employees, and embrace business objectives. These are the hires that will do their best to accomplish their jobs.

Success on this front begins with valuing hourly employees more highly and developing an environment that appreciates non-salaried employees. After all, according to The Workplace Institute, over half of hourly workers consider these jobs their full-time career. They are ready to focus their energies and perform well in the hourly position.

Better yet, enable managers to focus on what matters most to the business, and motivates them individually, by enlisting professional help recruiting the right hourly employees. Whether you’re starting with a temp to permanent or contracting agreement, or outsourcing a department, Forrest Solutions, ensures the best service while controlling costs. Plus, Forrest Solutions invests in people and hires, trains and retains the best hourly employees for each client’s work culture. The hourly workers we recruit are passionate about their purpose, excited about what they do, and committed to contributing to your organization’s success.