For the third consecutive year, Forrest Solutions is excited to announce our partnership with Phipps Neighborhood’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) for 2023. For the next 6-weeks, we are proud to welcome 20 young adults into our summer internship program — catapulting them into a fast-paced, education rich environment where they gain invaluable career experience and an opportunity at a full-time position across the Outsourcing and Staffing divisions.

Phipps Neighborhoods is dedicated to creating safe, inclusive spaces where community members access education, career, and economic opportunities to succeed at school and work, raise healthy families, and build thriving communities. Since its establishment, Phipps Neighborhoods has been offering job training and meaningful employment to young adults up to the age of 24.

Uniquely different than the past two years, interns in this year’s program will be a part of a brand new curriculum that focuses on different stages of each participant’s career. Led by Marcos Briones, Vice President of Client Relations, and Jose Cruz, Senior Vice President of Learning, Development & Diversity, at Forrest Solutions, interns will focus on three key aspects of career building: their brand, technology, and hospitality.

Upon acceptance into the program, the interns meet with Marcos and share their aspirations, goals, and passions — ultimately identifying a career path chosen by them. Our curriculum is a strategic mix of partially instructor led, on the job training, and career specific courses. The courses are individually tailored to each intern’s desired career path and are designed based on a microlearning module. This learning strategy consists of courses being only 5-10 minutes long — allowing interns of all learning capacities to efficiently capture and retain the information in front of them.

As a company, we view our partnership with SYEP as a meaningful way to drive positive change within our community and create viable career paths for numerous disadvantaged young adults. With the guidance of Marcos and our operations team, Forrest Solutions has become an agent of change, providing a safe and supportive environment for our interns to learn and grow professionally.

How to Partner with Phipps Neighborhoods

If you are interested in supporting Phipps Neighborhoods and their mission of building thriving communities, you can make a donation here or reach out to for more information on the organization and various ways to get involved. We encourage you to engage with Phipps Neighborhoods and contribute to the betterment of our community.