In February 2020, Forrest Solutions hosted a Career Day at their corporate headquarters for ASPIRA of New York, Inc. Since 1961, ASPIRA has promoted the empowerment of the Latino community by developing and nurturing the leadership, intellectual, and cultural potential of its youth so that they may contribute their skills and dedication to the fullest development of the Latino community everywhere. Designed to enhance the students’ capacity to lead people, the Leadership & College Access Program is the core of ASPIRA of New York. The purpose is to give young people the tools they need to become future leaders of their communities. The Leadership & College Access Program exposes students to college access and career awareness through ASPIRA Clubs, SYEP, College Advisement, Community Service Learning, and Education Enrichment. 100 percent of ASPIRAntes go on to graduate from high school, with several each year receiving full scholarships to top-tier college/universities.

ASPIRA is near and dear to Juan Pazmino, Chief Operating Officer & Owner, as he was an ASPIRAnte while attending Brooklyn Technical High School. “ASPIRA provided me with many positive resources during my time attending Tech, including an after school program and network of latino students, with similar backgrounds, that would help each other navigate through our high school years. I was very fortunate to have this organization available to me during these critical years. It helped form relationships that have lasted well beyond graduation and over the last couple of decades.”

During Career Day, we had the opportunity to host 20+ incredible High School students with a jam-packed agenda filled with presenters, workshops and office tours. The students were engaged and asked very thoughtful questions that led to great discussions. The energy was amazing and we shared many laughs. Not only did the students share some great takeaways from the day but we also walked away feeling very inspired. Inspired by the next generation and inspired by the impact that we, as an organization, can have on their future. Students met with a variety of members of the Forrest Solutions team. Led by Kristin Bradshaw, Director of Learning & Development, the students had an opportunity to speak with Patrick Johnson, CEO, as well as members of Human Resources, Recruiting, Finance and Operations. It created such a buzz around the office that we already have a list of employees who are volunteering to participate during our next event.



Vanessa Santiago, ASPIRA’s Director of Leadership and College Access Programs shared, “I honestly can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you put towards making this event such a memorable one for our students. It’s experiences like these that make the difference when our students graduate high school and enter the work force. Thank you Forrest Solutions for such a great day that our students will always take with them into adulthood”.