Each year, Forrest Solutions holds an Awards Ceremony to celebrate our successes individually, as a company and of course, our clients’ successes.  This year, it was more important than ever to look back at what we had all accomplished together in 2020, and so that’s just what we did a few days ago.

Overall, we were deeply proud that we innovated in step with our clients in 2020 and came through during those critical hours, delivering on very demanding timelines, bringing new staffing services like digital mailrooms, wellness ambassadors, and virtual administrative support, and that our deployment was rapid and seamless, exactly what was needed to ensure business continuity.

We were also very proud to recognize the real depth to our professional development internally, the pinnacle of which is Forrest Solutions University.  Forrest Solutions University hosts Professional Skills subscriptions covering 1,600+ courses, over 25 vendors, and is available in our 5 core languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian). This offering covers the key professional skills that every employee needs regardless of job function, industry, or seniority.

And of course, we were delighted to honor our team members in top sales and service categories, honor our top associates, client relations managers, recognizing their excellence, all the way to Operations Leader of the Year and finally our most prestigious award, the Above and Beyond Award, which honors team members who best represent the company’s culture and its focus on leadership, customer satisfaction, serving others, innovation and best represents a model for all others to emulate by embodying our Personal, Passionate and Productive approach to business.

We congratulate them all on their hard work, excellence and dedication!