Tips for employee turnover

Turnover is costly, time-consuming, disrupts productivity, and overburdens other employees. Work to reduce employee turnover by understanding the top reasons people leave and implementing some easy fixes.

Ultimately it’s about Unhappiness

If we were playing Family Feud, the number one answer on the board for a cause of employee turnover would be “I’m unhappy.” But there are many reasons employees feel unhappy at work.

1. They don’t feel appreciated.

There are many ways people can feel under appreciated at work. They might feel:

  • Overworked
  • Underpaid
  • Overlooked for opportunities
  • Overshadowed by colleagues who appear to get preferential treatment

Fix: Understand that you are in a relationship with your employees. You need to show that you value their contributions and recognize their accomplishments.

2. They don’t see a future together.

Employees want to feel that there’s room for them to develop in your organization. If they aren’t getting any growth opportunities, mentored or coached, or encouraged to improve their skills or gain new knowledge, they will feel stuck.

Fix: Know what your employees’ long-term goals are and invest in learning and training that will help them to reach those objectives.

3. They don’t feel welcome.

We spend the bulk of our time each week at work. If people don’t get along with their colleagues, or they find their boss difficult to get along with, they’re going to struggle.

Employees want to be challenged and feel supported by the people around them. If they can’t share ideas without being shot down or are on a team with people who don’t effectively collaborate or problem-solve, they’ll look for a more welcoming environment.

Fix: Understand your company’s culture, and the particular personality types in departments, and hire people who will fit in, as well as managers who will treat their people right.

4. They don’t have a say.

Employee empowerment is a catchphrase for a reason. From preschool on, we humans long for autonomy and want to make our own choices.

Employees who feel that they lack the ability to make decisions, or have no say in an unstable organization that is constantly reorganizing or changing direction, will become frustrated and seek greater ownership somewhere else.

Fix: Cultivate a corporate culture that encourages people to do their jobs well on their terms. Trust employees and invite them to make suggestions and decisions.

Stem Turnover with Forrest Solutions

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