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As of Q3 2023, over half of all office space is underutilized, overall commercial leasing is down, and the majority of employees have hybrid work arrangements across all verticals with in-office attendance rates significantly lower than pre-pandemic levels. Many organizations have RTO policies in place but compliance is weak.  But here’s the thing:  employees do want to go into the office to collaborate with peers and engage in meaningful, peer-centered work—and leadership wants to preserve culture, inspire loyalty and keep valued professionals and attrition rates low.  So, with this in mind, how are organizations making RTO successful for the organization and its professionals?

The answer lies in innovative approaches to services and technology built specifically to make hybrid successful.

Please join this webinar with COO of Maptician, AshLea Allberry and VP of Outsourcing, Forrest Solutions, Nic Rapacz, for this high level, engaging discussion on what makes a successful RTO from innovative technology solutions and innovation in services.  Nic and AshLea will share data and success stories that show the results of new ways of working in the era of hybrid.



  • Nic Rapacz, Vice President of Outsourcing Sales
  • AshLea Allberry, Chief Operating Officer, Maptician