A move to a new building prompted a New York City media company to look to conserve real estate by digitizing over 3 million pages of documents. Partnering with Forrest Solutions, the client found cost and space savings while enjoying the peace of mind that its sensitive documents were in good hands, safely onsite.

Forrest Solutions drew on its experience and valuable partnerships to customize a solution resulting in quality digitized documents, rich in metadata that would enable quick and easy future data retrieval.

This case study demonstrates:

  • Forrest Solutions leveraging its deep background in document scanning and management for legal and financial services clients
  • Production operators hired and trained by Forrest Solutions working onsite with high volume scanners and ensuring no documents ever left the client’s custody
  • A long-held partnership with an ISO-certified data capture vendor netting reduced costs while ensuring quality scans in a searchable digital retrieval system

Forrest Solutions customizes its comprehensive solutions to mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and deliver the best product in a cost-effective way. Benefit from partnering with us today!