A high-end retailer relying on various vendors for print services and production center equipment was dealing with poor printer service utilization, over-taxed hardware, and higher than expected production center costs.  Spending a significant amount of time managing multiple printer vendors was also taking time away from the luxury lifestyle brand stewards’ focus on revenue-generating activity. 

Forrest Solutions partnered with the retailer just as it was making a move to a completely new building. Implementing a technology agnostic solution to deliver superior printing services while saving money, Forrest Solutions’s highly skilled team ensured print services were done right and on time 100% of the time.

This case study demonstrates:

  • Centralized point of contact creating an environment of accountability.
  • Focus on client needs bringing the right equipment to each department and cutting down on the number of outsourced print jobs.
  • Proactive management of fleet to extend equipment life.

Forrest Solutions’s optimization of print services and equipment enabled the client to save $26,000 annually. Make our business solution experts your trusted advisors. Partner with Forrest Solutions today!