With nearly 175 years of continuous service as a full-service law firm, our client had a large volume of legal documentation in storage. Looking to downsize the footprint of one of its many East Coast offices, the firm hired Forrest Solutions for its track record of records management process optimization.

Forrest Solutions did not disappoint. We revamped records management processes according to best practices, downsized the document storage footprint by 20,000 square feet, and met the firm’s move deadline.

This case study demonstrates:

  • Forrest Solutions’s 15-point Best Practice approach winnowing records and determining the best retention policy given the firm’s space and needs
  • Records storage streamlining saving the firm $480,000
  • Increased access to information with reduced per box retrieval costs

Forrest Solutions’ records management experts can help optimize your systems while saving space and reducing costs. You can focus on your business objectives while counting on us to provide the best solution customized to your company’s needs. Partner with us today!