Challenge: Urgent Redaction Review in ProFile Discovery’s Logikcull

ProFile Discovery, an established eDiscovery service vendor in the Midwest, faced a critical challenge: they had received a last-minute, cost-sensitive request to redact over 13,000 printed pages related to privilege log challenges. Compounding the urgency were existing budget constraints and a delay in end client authorization. Local counsel needed a swift and cost-efficient solution for the complex, manual redaction review. After discussions with ProFile’s leadership, counsel authorized engagement with a managed review services team to provide a fixed-cost estimate and complete the redaction review in less than three days.


Solution: Instantly Flex-Up Headcount with Expert Managed Review Partner

Fortunately, ProFile Discovery had recently learned about Forrest Solutions Legal’s Managed Review (MR) services. Recognizing Forrest Solutions’ ability to deliver quality redaction reviewers promptly and within specific budget parameters, ProFile engaged with their MR team. A focused project overview and redaction workflow discussion led to swift action. Forrest Solutions leveraged its extensive roster of talented reviewers, placing over 20 contract attorneys on the project the same day. With fixed pricing and reviewer availability confirmed, ProFile secured counsel’s approval for Forrest Solutions’ MR proposal.

Following a brief but very focused project overview and redaction workflow discussion with the ProFile Discovery team, the Forrest Solutions MR team immediately went to action leveraging its extensive roster of highly talented, qualified, and experienced redaction reviewers to find and place more than 20 contract attorneys to start on the project that same day. After confirming the fixed pricing arrangement and reviewer availability, ProFile went back to counsel and confirmed the selection and approval of the Forrest Solutions MR proposal and fixed cost estimate.


Process:  Seamless Communication:

Throughout the review process, Forrest Solutions MR leadership collaborated closely with ProFile’s project management and review management specialists. Together, they crafted specific redaction rules and review protocols tailored precisely to the complex data set and non-PII redaction requirements of the end client.

In addition to devising specialized redaction rules, the Forrest Solutions review team swiftly mastered a new review tool, ProFile Discovery’s Logikcull, ensuring a seamless transition. They commenced the review the same day they were contacted and worked diligently into the night to maximize efficiency given the tight timeline.

The Forrest Solutions Review Manager established direct communication between the ProFile team and the review team, facilitating a nearly seamless feedback loop for real-time issue resolution. This proactive approach expedited the overall review pace, despite initial anomalies in the review protocol and document set. Over the weekend, the Forrest and ProFile teams collaborated seamlessly to review, redact, and perform quality control measures, ensuring the project’s timely completion within budget constraints.

To maintain transparency and accountability, the Forrest Solutions MR team provided hourly updates on review progress, reviewer rates, and overall completion. They even introduced a new reporting workflow for ProFile Discovery’s Logikcull, granting both leadership teams direct insight into the overall review progress.


Results:  Project Exceeds Client Expectations

The collaborative efforts between Forrest Solutions MR team and ProFile Discovery’s specialists significantly enhanced Counsel’s redaction review defensibility and efficiency. The final deliverable showcased improved quality and met the tight discovery deadline. This success not only resulted in cost-effective project completion but also earned overwhelming satisfaction from the end client. Consequently, Forrest Solutions Legal gained the trust of a new channel partner in ProFile Discovery and the commitment of future review projects from the pleased client.


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