This global manufacturing corporation with 56 facilities spanning 10 countries operates with a limited in-house legal department in order to control costs.  When an employment litigation matter arose, General Counsel sought the resources of outside counsel to lead the matter, leveraging outside counsel’s managed review capabilities; unfortunately, outside counsel’s estimates were extremely costly and quickly deemed cost prohibitive.

Fortunately, General Counsel learned about Forrest Solutions Legal’s Managed Review (MR) services from the managing partner of an Am Law 100 firm.   General Counsel was intrigued by Forrest Solutions’ ability to deliver bespoke review workflows while focusing on reducing overall review time and costs.

When Forrest Solutions MR team proposed a unique coding logic designed to reduce review costs through the efficiency gains as well as fixed pricing arrangement, General Counsel selected the Forrest Solutions MR team and dictated to outside counsel that they use Forrest Solutions MR as substitute for the expensive, in-house review services.



During the review process, Forrest Solutions MR leadership worked hand-in-hand with outside counsel and corporate counsel to create, develop and implement new review protocols as none previously existed as well as to refine reviewer training documentation.  On top of this, the Forrest Solutions Review Manager stepped in as lead with outside counsel’s third-party data vendor to establish a clean, defensible, and precise review workflow.

Specifically, the Forrest Solutions MR team suggested the use of threading to cull the review population and provided additional guidance to case team on best practice quality control workflows with a focus on minimizing the extent and time required for outside-counsel to complete their second level review.

Ongoing, the Forrest Solutions MR team provided daily updates on review progress, reviewer rates and overall project costs to ensure project was delivered on time and within budget.  The Forrest Solutions MR team even rolled out a new reporting template that provide more insight into daily review progress.



In the end, as a result of working with the Forrest Solutions MR team, this global client’s discovery process defensibility and efficiency were significantly enhanced, as were the quality of their deliverables and ability to meet discovery deadlines. The company was able to achieve significant cost savings by “in-sourcing” the discovery work to our lower-cost, seconded resources using a fixed pricing arrangement as opposed to outside counsel’s higher hourly rates. The outcome was a highly successful document review project with delivery of a quality product done at a cost-effective price. The corporate client’s lower costs and overwhelming satisfaction resulted in an additional review project being sent to Forrest Solutions Legal within two weeks of completion of the first engagement.


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