Background Challenge:

In 2022, this leading credit and payments company who provides outsourcing services for bankcard-related products to banks and non-bank lenders in North America, with over 3,000 employees across five locations, saw significant growth by bringing on a set large new clientele catapulting the immediate need to hire 200 people to support their call centers.

Leadership at the organization was uncertain whether their internal team could handle the logistical requirements needed to support the new clientele. This leading credit and payments company turned to an outside staffing partner to manage the recruitment, interview, and hiring process for all 200 call center candidates.

Based on Forrest Solutions’ highly regarded proprietary 10 step recruiting process and sea of deeply tenured recruiters who have proven successful delivering temp-to-perm staffing solutions for some of the worlds’ largest companies across the country, leadership selected Forrest Solutions as their staffing partner.



It takes a highly trained — highly organized army of recruiters, who are able to operate in high volume staffing to successfully manage the hiring of 200 people. Forrest Solutions began this massive undertaking by screening almost 250 potential candidates to fill the call center positions across this organization’s five locations.

In total, Forrest Solutions submitted 246 candidates and had 205 acceptances — an incredible 83.65% acceptance rate. To maintain the high volume necessary for this engagement, Forrest Solutions ramped up the number of interviews to 50 interviews of high-quality candidates per week.

The team leads were able to liaise interview times, scheduling times, as well as managing the sheer volume of candidates this organization would regularly request. This is a key element of Forrest Solutions’ successful staffing delivery and a key differentiator.

Candidates identified by Forrest Solutions would enter into a strict, full-time 6-week long training program. Once started, Forrest Solutions’ candidates boasted an excellent retention rate — 79% of candidates identified by Forrest Solutions’ recruiters stayed on for at least 3 months. On top of this, over 40% of Forrest Solutions’ candidates have been converted to full-time positions.



 Forrest Solutions ensures success by measuring it.  Once the implementation teams were successful at this organization, the next step was inserting best practice disciplines and processes that ensure continued success.  Forrest Solutions utilizes performance dashboards for clients that track every single service level. This enables Forrest Solutions to create relationships that are completely transparent and to provide data-driven results each and every time.


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