Digitizing Paper Files

Serving a global audience with up-to-the-minute news, a media company’s employees require efficient mail, messenger, and loading dock services. The media giant receives an estimated 800 packages and 1500 pieces of mail daily, an exponentially larger number than its messenger packages sent and received. Yet its incumbent’s wheelhouse was dispatching and receiving messenger services. Looking to gain greater mail service and loading dock expertise, and to achieve cost savings, the media business hired Forrest Solutions.

Forrest Solutions took over three service lines at the media company’s flagship building: mail services, receiving messengers, and overseeing the loading dock.

This case study demonstrates:

  • Professionals with the expertise to implement end-to-end workflows enabling productivity optimizations
  • Labor cost savings of more than $200,000 over five years
  • Process streamlining in methods of delivery, reducing machine sizes, cutting out a mail run, and consolidating international shipping

By offering a white glove standards and attention to detail, Forrest Solutions proves a true partner to its clients. Experienced seamless mail and messenger services that exceed your expectations. Consult a Forrest Solutions Expert Today!