Building a market leading Workplace Experience talent model doesn’t happen by accident. It takes years of meticulous focus, planning, world-class expertise — and a team that can execute. For Forrest Solutions, we took this a step further. Workplace Experience isn’t a service offering, it is a driving philosophy behind everything we do in-house and for our clients — including Am Law 200 firms, Fortune 500 organizations, and members of the Big 4 accounting firms.

Backed by the industry’s best recruitment engine, bespoke round-the-clock training and development programs, and leadership pulled straight out of the Ritz Carlton, we’re here to demonstrate how investing in the three pillars of WPX can transform your organization almost immediately.

Join the panel that wrote the playbook on Workplace Experience — Forrest Solutions’ esteemed leadership team: Chief Talent Officer, Kate Post; Senior Vice President of Learning Development and Diversity, Jose Cruz; and Vice President of Workplace Experience, Petra Parros. The panel will delve into the unique strategies that they have developed and implemented to become the market leader and enhance Workplace Experience through three core pillars: Talent, Training, and Learning & Development.



  • Kate Post, Chief Talent Officer
  • Jose Cruz, Senior Vice President of Learning Development and Diversity
  • Petra Parros, Vice President of Workplace Experience


  • Anthony Davies, Chief Revenue Officer
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