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Company History with Chairman Steve Forrest

I was a 26-year-old, New York native when I had the inspiration that I could have a positive impact on the staffing industry. I was fortunate to be surrounded by mentors who helped me focus my inspiration and help me understand that I wanted to build a sophisticated business that was built for longevity, integrity and honesty. From the beginning, I wanted to create something that was larger than me, grounded on an ethical foundation that would outlast me–a legacy of which I could be proud.

And so I did. I was an ambitious risk-taker who dreamed of being the best there ever was. I started with one employee, 400 square feet of office space and the ambition of my dream. Being the best meant to build a company that was great to work for and so attracted great people, a company that was great to do business with, and to be a trusted partner. I worked around the clock and became an expert at every single part of the business. Most people don’t want to start from humble beginnings and work that hard, but I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to truly understand each part of the business that is my life’s work.

I believe risk is essential for growth, and I always want to be growing and moving forward. One of the biggest risks I took was when I expanded Forrest Solutions from staffing solutions to include premiere outsourcing services. No company had ever provided both staffing and outsourcing solutions – in fact, most said that it could not be done. They were wrong.

Today, our national clients reap huge benefits from our symbiotic divisions of staffing and outsourcing solutions. Our clients trust us to be great partners and to invent the future with them.

As Forrest Solutions continues its incredible growth trajectory, I work for the joy of the accomplishment, keeping the ship on course, continue the journey of being the best there ever was, taking the right risks to continually grow, and be the company people want to work for and with. We have created a corporate soul in our culture that’s tangible; people feel it the moment they walk in – and it attracts the brightest and best to come work with us.

It’s a pleasure and honor to be here—it’s been a story 50 years in the making.

Here’s to another 50 more.

Our mission is to empower great businesses with great people solutions and unrivaled boutique service delivery.

Our Company Values:
  • Transparent always
  • Loyalty and Trust at all times
  • Leadership – Must lead from the front
  • Company first, team second, self third
  • Always prioritize and align actions to meet goals
  • We are an outbound culture
  • Embrace meritocracy and being entrepreneurial
  • Relentless at getting better and embracing change
  • We honor all commitments made
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